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NSIDE Special “Champagne 101″ By: Doug Allison

Bubbly, bubbly, bubbly. Perhaps you fancy yourself the purist, or maybe you’re a fan of champagne cocktails. In either event, let’s just agree that a little bubbly can soothe the soul. Champagne is heavenly, and this short writing is simply a frolic aimed at enjoying some of the rich history and pleasures of the king of wines (and wine of …

martini storie

NSIDE Magazine Special “A Tale of Two Martinis” By Fred Fish

  Without a word between them, they walked in and surveyed the moment. His calm matched his Tommy Bahama clothes. She simply made casual appear elegant – even with the slight rain falling outside.1 The room was dimly lit, and the chorus of blended conversations almost overwhelmed the French bistro music playing in the background. They moved left to fade …